What Affects the Production Efficiency of Concrete Batching Plant?

After years of development of the ready-mixed concrete industry, although the technology has been very mature, but in the actual operation, there are often too low production efficiency of the mixing station, can not keep up with the construction requirements of the site. So, where is the reason for the low production efficiency of concrete mixing plant, and how to solve it?

1. Supply of raw materials

The raw materials should be sampled and checked. Aggregates of different specifications (including powder) should be stacked separately, and dust proof and rainproof should be done. Asphalt heating should be timely, maintain a certain temperature. Aggregate storage capacity is more than 5 times of daily denier, powder and asphalt storage and more than 2 times of daily consumption. When the concrete mixing station in continuous production, the supply of raw materials is to ensure timely supply, no material damage. If problems with raw materials are found in the production process, it will reduce efficiency and cause property losses. Therefore, after receiving the production task, the inventory of raw materials should be checked in time.

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2.Organization management

To strengthen the maintenance management of commercial concrete mixing station equipment, ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition, and meet the requirements of the national environmental protection law, establish strict maintenance testing system and preventive measures, do timely repair. No matter how high the production efficiency of concrete mixing plant is, if the vehicle scheduling scheme is not reasonable, it is bound to cause low production efficiency of the mixing plant. If the transport tank car is not standardized and does not comply with traffic regulations in the process of driving, traffic accidents are easy to occur, which will also affect the transportation efficiency, and then affect the efficiency of concrete production.

3. Mixing time

The direct factors affecting the production and slaughtering of asphalt concrete mixing equipment are mixing time and time utilization coefficient. Because different strength of concrete required mixing station time is different. For example, there is a 10s difference in mixing time between C30 and C40 concrete. If the mixing time of different strength concrete is in accordance with the same time, it will increase the overall production time and reduce production efficiency. To keep the mixing time reasonable, the vibration constant production system can be used. It can bring precise control to the mixing plant and reduce idling etc.

Post time: Feb-24-2023