How to Choose a Mobile Concrete Batching Plant?

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is a new type of Concrete Plant that has emerged in recent two years to adapt to the market situation and environmental protection form, because it is a new product, many customers do not know which links to pay attention to when choosing, so we will briefly summarize today.

First of all, according to their actual situation to choose different types of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, it according to the mixing form is divided into YHZM Drum Mobile Concrete Plant and YHZS Mobile Concrete Plant

1. Purpose

YHZM Drum Mobile Concrete Plant: Ordinary Houses, Rural Roads, Factory Ground, Floor Engineering and so on.

YHZS Mobile Concrete Plant: Hydropower Projects, Highways, Bridges, Seaports, Large construction projects and so on.

滚筒26- 600-450
5 600-450

2. Grade

Concrete Grade<C35; Quantity Demand<600m³/Day; YHZM Drum Mobile Concrete Plant and YHZS Mobile Concrete Plant

Concrete Grade>C35; Quantity Demand>600m³/Day; YHZS Mobile Concrete Plant.

3. Budget

Tight budget: The same model, YHZM Drum Mobile Concrete Plant is the first choice, relatively low cost, high mixing and discharging efficiency, simple structure, convenient maintenance

Sufficient Budget: The same model, YHZS Mobile Concrete Plant is the first choice, and the traditional Concrete Plant is the same, with high uniformity of mixing materials, good collapse degree, strong continuity characteristics


Secondly, the number of bins of the bone bin is selected, which can be divided into two bins, three bins and four bins. Usually, customers choose more batching machines, raw material bins, adjustment bins and product bins.


Then, choose the powder bin, powder bin is divided into vertical and horizontal, generally with Mobile Concrete Plant use, usually choose horizontal cement bin, because and Mobile Concrete Plant, do not need to do the foundation, easy to quickly transfer. In addition is to choose the type of powder bin, our Zhengzhou Zhenheng production has 50T, 60T, 80T, 100 T of horizontal cement bin for users to choose.


Finally, the choice of manufacturers, must choose the strength of manufacturers with R & D production capacity, do not choose cheap unscrupulous merchants of inferior products, so as not to break money and trouble. Zhengzhou Zhenheng mobile concrete mixing plant is one of the earliest manufacturers into the market, has hundreds of sets of customer experience.

Post time: Jan-10-2023