Precautions for the Use of Self-loader

1. Let the mixing tank run at full speed for one or two minutes before unloading the feeding mixing truck. Let the concrete mix thoroughly, if necessary can add some water, let the concrete mix more evenly, but also easy to unload.

2.concrete mixing truck before loading hopper chute wet, it is best not to fill too full, to reserve some space for powder expansion, pay attention to avoid some debris mixed in the mixing tank when loading, because it will make the discharge tube blocked, affect the discharge speed and residual rate.

3.concrete mixing truck in unloading, if the air compressor has abnormal sound, should step on the clutch, turn off the engine, close the force extractor, until the fault can continue to discharge; There is also in unloading, we must pay attention to the change of pressure gauge, the whole unloading process operators can not leave the scene, to avoid the occurrence of high pressure phenomenon.

自上料车5 600-450
自上料车8 600-450

4.When the air compressor is working, the side of the air compressor should avoid standing. The oil door should be even when increasing speed. When the mixer is not used at ordinary times, the tank must be kept dry and clean; In the vehicle maintenance, we must pay attention to prevent the collision of parts, avoid knocking, so as to avoid damage to the parts, deformation, bump, scratches, etc. The distance between the suction port and the bottom can be adjusted, generally in 30-50mm. Remember not to use external air source outlet exhaust.

5. The mixing tank of the feeding stirring truck must be carefully washed, and the water repeatedly positive and negative twice, and then put out, a trip to put all the water in the tank into the jar, and then back to the station to add water to clean the jar.

6.Every day after work to do a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle, found fault to timely maintenance.


Post time: Feb-24-2023