Mixer Pump Commonly Used Maintenance Methods

In the use and storage process of the stirring truck pump, due to wear, natural corrosion and machine aging, the technical performance will gradually deteriorate, and timely maintenance and repair. The purpose of maintenance of mixing truck pump is to restore the normal technical state of the concrete pump truck, maintain good performance and reliability, extend the service life, reduce the consumption of oil and equipment, prevent accidents, and improve economic and social benefits.

1. If the wring cage is often stuck, it is generally loose slot belt, and should be adjusted to the degree of tension.

2. The power supply must be reliably grounded and have leakage protection device. When ash is struck, please pay attention to that. the electric box should not be doused with water or operated with wet hands.

3. When the wring cage is stuck, start the reverse and then start the forward operation.

4. Pay attention to the two universal bearings not to be coated with dust. Add butter to the bearings every week.

5. The height of ash beating can be adjusted by random fitting, which should be installed at the bell mouth connection.

Post time: Feb-24-2023