How to Plan the Concrete Batching Plant?

Once the Concrete Batching Plant is built, it is difficult to migrate and change again, so users must make corresponding planning before building the station. Combined with years of industry experience, Zhenheng provides the following suggestions:

1.components location

According to the actual situation of the site, the location of the mixing station, batching machine, cement tank, fly ash tank and sand and stone field should be reasonably arranged, and the area of the storage field should be as large as possible under the premise of forming a circulation channel for vehicles.

Mixing plant and the application of field position is determined, first determine the position of the mixing console, and then determine the inclined belt leg, leg of batching machine, cement tank and fly ash can of the center of the leg, the next step is on the basis of the excavation work, and according to the actual situation of soil after excavation of foundation bearing capacity to determine the size of the mixing plant, cement tank and tank foundation excavation depth of fly ash.

2. Water

The location of the concrete mixing station should be close to the water source (3-5m is the best), and the size of the reservoir and well should be determined according to the average daily production of the mixing station.

低支腿 600-450
整装水泥仓2 600-450

3. Power

There should be convenient power supply conditions (5-10 meters is appropriate) near the concrete mixing station to reduce the number of power outages, ensure power supply demand, and save investment in transmission lines.

4. Transport

The road near the concrete mixing station should have sufficient width and bearing capacity to reduce the traffic jams caused by various complex lines and bridge height restrictions on transport vehicles.

5. Think long term

Considering the transportation and storage of aggregates, environmental pollution and noise in the production process, it is necessary to stay away from the residential area.

After the user buys the concrete mixing plant equipment, Zhenheng Construction Machinery will send engineers and technicians to supervise the quality of the production process at the site of concrete production, and participate in the production commissioning, inspection and acceptance of the product to ensure the successful production of the equipment.

Post time: Jan-10-2023