Concrete Mixing Plant Full Set of Equipment

卧式水泥仓2 600-450
JS1 600-450

1. concrete mixer, concrete mixer is the main engine of the mixing station, it determines the production capacity of the mixing station. Common concrete mixers are divided into forced mixing and self-fall mixing, forced mixer is the mainstream of mixing stations at home and abroad, it can mix fluidity, semi-dry hard and dry hard and other kinds of concrete.

2.Concrete batching machine, concrete batching machine is suitable for preparation of a variety of aggregates, automatic control by computer balance, can also be manually operated. The machine is complete in engineering, simple operation, high degree of batching, material ratio can be adjusted at will, with high efficiency, energy saving, easy to install and move. Can be used with various types of mixers, strong adaptability to the external environment, can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of concrete.

3. Cement warehouse, cement warehouse is generally used in the storage of bulk cement of concrete mixing plant. The tank is equipped with material level system, which can show the location and number of materials.

4.screw conveyor, concrete mixing station available powder is mainly cement, fly ash and mineral powder. The commonly used powder conveying method is screw conveyor conveying, cement warehouse and screw conveyor can be used together to transport materials to various positions. The advantages of screw transportation are simple structure, low cost and reliable use.

5. Control system, control system controls the opening and closing of the bin gate or the feeder when weighing the material in the mixing station, the opening and closing of the hopper unloading gate after weighing, the lifting of the hopper, the mixing time, the opening and closing of the mixer unloading gate and other technological processes. In general, the control system of the small mixing plant available on the construction site is simple, while the system of the large mixing plant is relatively complex.

Post time: Feb-24-2023